Free Google Adsense Training from Google

This is an opportunity, Google will conduct free training for 10 weeks. The first session will start on 25Th of June, 2013. If you like to participate in this training, Register here.

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site_url() vs home_url() -What is the difference?

Not sure about the difference between wordpress functions site_url and home_url? I like learning visually,and I bet you, too. See the figure below. It is common practice to separate the wordpress installation to its own folder like /public_html/blog/ . But,

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bloginfo vs get_bloginfo -What is the difference?

Both bloginfo and get_bloginfo functions are commonly used by wordpress theme developers. They have very similar purpose and their difference may not be clear at first. In Simple terms, bloginfo($parameter) will send the returned value to the screen. That means,

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Why to LOVE WordPress? My Six Reasons to FALL IN LOVE with WordPress

There are tones of articles out there which describe how to [something] wordpress. I am writing this very first post of my new blog with rather an odd title, why to Love wordpress?. When I say loving wordpress, I am

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